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"I love Jessica’s videos because they are easy and fun! They have really helped my daughter Emma understand the importance of decomposing numbers and the ways you can play around with it! It has also helped me find a better strategy to teach her and make a fun environment. I’d totally recommend Jessica’s videos because they have brought so much peace of mind and has helped us see math in a total new way. Thank you Jessica!"

- Kimberly, New Jersey

An All-Inclusive Math Video Library:

  • 5 - 10 minute hands-on videos that use manipulatives and research-based strategies to make learning fun

  • Resources for educators, parents and students

  • Videos aligned to grade levels and specific textbook curriculum

  • Quality resources from a published author and certified teaching specialist

  • Subscription opportunities for resources and coaching

  • Entire K-6 library for one great price!

Ready to access the entire library?  Video membership is always open.  Sign up by clicking below.  Extended memberships are only open during specific times of the year.

How do you use the video library?

The video library is designed to be used as 5-10 minute lessons for student instruction.  These can be done as an introduction before the lesson or as part of the opening task.  Some educators may choose to watch the video as professional development when preparing for a lesson.  Students may also reference the videos as review of previous concepts.


Who should use the video library?

The video library is available to any type of educator- whether a parent, homeschool educator or classroom teacher.  These videos are designed to support any student to help instill a love and understanding for mathematics.

What curriculum do the videos teach?

These videos are designed to be used with any curriculum using the research-based strategies that have made Singapore math curricula so famous.  Each video will use the concrete-pictorial-abstract approach to learning and encourage visualization through models and understanding.  Specific textbook correlations are provided for Primary Mathematics, Dimensions and Math in Focus series texts.  There is also an alignment to specific grade level expectations.  Access each of these documents from the drop down menu below to see the videos available.  Additional textbook correlations are available by request.

Do these videos take the place of the lesson?

A true Singapore math-style curriculum should include problem-solving and hands-on learning.  Each video is designed to include a real-life situation and an opportunity for your student to interact with the content by pausing the video and participating.  These videos should be used as a way to engage in the content in a thoughtful way before completing the textbook practice problems.

What makes these videos different from YouTube?

While there are many wonderful resources out there, it can take time to find quality content that will give your student the best information in the shortest amount of time.  These videos are designed and hosted by a published author of two US Singapore Math textbooks and a certified educator and consultant who has trained students all over the world for over 15 years.  These lessons have been tested with various students and proven to get results.

Why do I need access to all Kindergarten-6th grade videos?

Part of what makes this video library unique is that it houses all 150 videos in one place giving you access to multiple concepts and grade levels.  Use the lower grade videos to review concepts and the upper grade videos to extend concepts.  This video library is designed to show how concepts are developed from the beginning through multiple grade levels.  It is also a growing library that will continue to build each month.

Ready to access the entire library?  Video membership is always open.  Sign up by clicking below.  Extended memberships are only open during specific times of the year.

Money Back Guarantee

Beginning February 1, 2021, each plan now includes a 14-day free trial.  Try the program out with your students and see if it's the best fit.  There's absolutely no risk to you!

Memberships may be cancelled at any time by contacting info@jessicakaminski.com or by cancelling the plan within your own account. 


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