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It's one of my favorite times of year...the holidays. I don't know what it is about the music, the decorations and the thought of creating memories with people I love. One of my favorite things for our family to do is to consider how we can serve others. While we buy gifts for friends and family, I want our children to see that we can serve others with gifts of service as well. In the past, we have taken donuts to our first responders, special treats to all our neighbors, created warmth bags for the homeless and even considered what acts we can do for the people we see each day.

This year, my kids expressed an interest in providing gifts for other members of our family. While they earn a small allowance, it isn't really enough to buy something. So, we sat down and decided to come up with a way to gift our loved ones with a gift of service.

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I created these super fun cards, and we interviewed family members for ideas that our little ones could do as a way to help them. The kids had a great time choosing how they could help out each family member. It was pretty interesting seeing which gifts of service they chose.

Some suggestions included:

  • Make Daddy tea and snuggle

  • Clean out the toy garage

  • Fold a load of laundry for Mommy

  • Sweep out Poppy's workshop

  • Let the chickens out one chilly morning

  • Make breakfast

  • Unload the dishwasher all by yourself

After the kids chose their cards for each person, I had pre-cut wrapping paper, tape and labels ready to go. The kids wrapped their own gifts, wrote who they belonged to and placed them under the tree. They are already so excited to share with each person what they chose. (I keep telling them it needs to be a surprise!)

If this is something you would love to do with your own children or even students in your classroom, please grab the FREE download below. This document has the clip art and templates where the names can be edited using the correct font.

I hope you have a wonderful start to your holiday season! Leave me a comment about some of the fun things you do to celebrate gifts of service and stay tuned for my GIANT list of holiday learning activities coming SOON!

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