Distance Learning Made Fun!

Now that so many of our students are learning from home, we have to consider ways to make it effective. We can use online websites and worksheets, but we can also use this time to ensure students have the basic concepts by encouraging concrete play.

PLAY..yep..I said PLAY. Whether it's a game or just a concrete way of considering a math topic, play is a great way for students to engage in new concepts. When possible, I introduce topics with a game so that students interact with the materials in a hands-on kind of way.

There is so much research now being done about the effects of play on learning, but I want to reinforce one of the main differences in Singapore math pedagogy- Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract. Jerome Bruner's research found that when students have concrete experiences with new content, they were able to tie in their own background knowledge to the concept. We also see that students are able to visualize operations when they have had practice with the operation using physical options. You can find out more about this in my quick video on CPA in my video library found here.

So what if during this online learning phase of our life, we provided students with games? What if we encouraged families to play together and grasp new concepts? My hope is that students will have fun with the concept and work towards mastery while the family experiences some relief in doing a low-stress activity together.

Right now, I am offering my Understanding Multiplication and Division Resource Bundle for FREE. In it, you find hands-on games that ensure student understanding with printable directions.

  • All materials are included. Just print and cut.

  • Directions are explained step-by-step.

  • Questions are included to check for student understanding.

  • It's FREE!

I also wanted to be sure to include videos that support these concepts. Right now, you can access Understanding Concepts of Multiplication and Understanding Concepts of Division in my third grade video library for FREE. These videos complement the activities and are a great starting point to help students practice these skills. Even if students have already discussed this concept while IN school, these games are a great way for students to continue to practice their understanding of this vital concept.

I hope you find these resources valuable to your students' learning process and maybe have some FUN in the process. Grab your download below and don't hesitate to send me an e-mail to let me know how it's going! Happy learning!

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