Math: Implementing a Math Intervention Workshop Model

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

I just love when I get inspired by teachers! Recently, I had the opportunity to work with a school on developing an intervention block during their math time for K-8 students. The goal was to streamline the activities and make them purposeful and effective. I was so excited with the outcome!

We decided teachers would still do a mini-lesson with practice and then have a 25 minute block for small groups. Students would work in 5 rotations on research-based activities that were skills appropriate. That means that each student would be getting what they need when they need it!

The five activities would be fact fluency, buddy games, teacher-led small group, technology and independent work. By choosing the same 5 activities, there wouldn't be nearly as much planning and students would know what to expect. Teachers are also going to use Ohio's Learning Progressions to determine what skills students need to accomplish to master the standard.

I'm excited to share with you that I have created a FREE 30 minute webinar detailing each of these, and you can access them by clicking right here! This even includes free lesson plan templates to help you get started! Take a few minutes to see the best way to implement these rotations and how to stress less and cover more content!

One example of the template included. Samples and descriptions available in the Member's Area.

The big question I'm asked frequently is: What are students doing in these rotations? How do you determine what's quality over quantity when looking for resources? There's so much out there, teachers have to discern what will actually work for students. I encourage you to look for things that are based on research and your standards. Some things can look really cute, but lack the substance that you really need to give your students valid practice in the short amount of time allotted.

To address this issue, I decided to combine the many resources I have developed into bundles. I took all the big standards I'm constantly asked about and created learning stations for the Buddy Games rotation. These games are differentiated, have recording sheets and work mats, and even have guiding questions to encourage math conversation. All you have to do it print them out, laminate and cut before using!

Each of these bundles are located in the store section of my website. Take a look and let me know what you think!

Taking it a step further, teachers can access all of the content by checking out my online courses that include over 150 pages of resources and 6 hours of professional development. These courses show you how to reach the varying needs of your learners and give you a ton of support including access to the trainer (me!) and 6 months to complete the course at your own pace!

Coming up in the next few weeks will be two follow-up recorded webinars: Fact Fluency Rotations and Teaching a Small Group Lesson in 15 Minutes. These will include FREE resources and more activities to add to your units!

I'm so excited about implementing these stations in your intervention block and can't wait to share with you the data we collect! I just know our students are going to reap the benefits!

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