Math: Part 2: Intervention Mini Lessons with Video!

A few weeks ago, I posted about working with a district to implement an Intervention Math Workshop Model. We chose 5 stations to use that would help students practice at their own level. You can check out Part 1: Implementing a Math Workshop Intervention Model and download your FREE resources and FREE video by clicking on the link.

I've also talked about the fact fluency components in another blog post. I have two posts about how students can use games and differentiated practice to master their Addition/Subtraction or Multiplication/Division facts. During the fact fluency rotation, students should work on activities that will increase an understanding of patterns using visualization- not just flash cards. Check out the links below for a FREE webinar on how students develop facts, and then jump over the to the SHOP to download your resources.

Developing Addition and Subtraction Fluency

Developing Multiplication and Division Fluency

Download over 80 pages of resources in my shop

Now it's time to talk about the final piece: the mini-lesson. I believe a good mini-lesson should be 15 minutes long and TARGETED on a specific skill. Students are organized into a group of 4-6 students. This allows the teacher to identify misconceptions and help students where they are.

Each lesson is only 15 minutes. This allows 7 minutes for a Working Problem, 6 minutes for Practice, and 2 minutes for an introduction and conclusion. All easily planned out in my easy lesson planning template that teaches are saying is so easy to fill out!

I have organized my mini-lessons into 3 types:

- Conceptual Understanding: Students look at a concept essential to understanding.

- Moving Beyond Models: Students move past the concrete stage to pictorial or abstract ideas.

- Efficiency and Practice: Students work to increase speed or to identify errors/misconceptions.

Check out a sample of each of these in this quick video!

Aren't you excited to get started?! Click here to access your FREE lesson plans! I hope they provide you with a place to begin! Please comment or e-mail to let me know how they go!

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