Math: Counting Money: Using Concrete and Visual Representations

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Around first and second grade, students begin counting coins to find the value. Before students can do that, they need to be proficient in a few areas. First, they need to be able to identify coins and their value. This usually comes with practice. In fact, check out my money subitizing PowerPoint listed at the Teachers Pay Teachers link below. Use it a few minutes a day to train students to visually recognize coins quickly.

The second area students need proficiency is counting. Because students will be counting within 100, they need to have those numbers ingrained in their brains. They need to move flexibly among those numbers to count by 25, 10, 5 and 1. Without a strong sense of number sense and counting skills, this can be a challenge.

Studies show that students develop number sense at their own pace given their prior experience with numbers. Most educators will probably agree to this with the wide range of learners present in their classrooms. So what's a teacher to do? Do you wait until everyone has mastered number sense?

The answer is that you help students get there by using concrete and visual representations. The more experience they have with seeing the numbers and working with them, the more likely they are to begin remembering them. This also allows teachers to vary instruction for the specific learner. Some students may be working in concrete while others are doing visual number lines. Check out the video below for an example:

As I mentioned before, I have learned through my own teaching journey how counting and cardinality impacts learners K-8. I have seen middle school students trying to multiply and divide numbers who have a weak sense of numbers within 100. Using what we know about how students develop number sense, we can help any age/level student become proficient.

To help students, I am offering the first part of my Progression of Addition and Subtraction Course- Counting and Cardinality presentation for FREE for a limited time! Check out the video below and try it out with your students!

Here is the link for the FREE subitizing cards to help your students with visual memory!

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