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Homeschooling with Singapore Math 101

Take 6 Steps to Feel Confident Implementing Your First Year from a Singapore Specialist

Whether homeschooling for the first time or switching to a Singapore curriculum, knowing where to start is the first step in your journey. Take the stress and haggle out of figuring it out on your own in this 6-week course while gaining the confidence to rock your school year!

Each week, you will be sent a module with videos and printable checklists to take it one step at a time. 


Participants will also be invited to a Member's Only Facebook Group to discuss the module and ask questions. 

What are the main differences in teaching with "Singapore Math"?

Get your own cheat sheet of Singapore Math terminology and when these are referenced in each grade level.



Learn how to begin teaching lessons using some of my favorite tips from Day Zero: The First 5 Math Lessons including math talk, manipulatives, and lesson structure. 

Set clear expectations for an amazing year!


Plan the actual lesson for each day by considering the components of each part of the lesson. 

Explore my exclusive "Homeschooling with Dimensions" and "Homeschooling with Primary Mathematics" guides to see how each program highlights specific teaching points.


Learn how to decipher the main teaching points of each lesson and how to know whether your student is ready to move on with a readiness scale of 1-3. 

Watch a video of a lesson done with my own kids. (Real life!)

Explore options to challenge or review your student.


How do I fit in fluency work? 

What about assessments? 

Discuss other options besides the main textbook to help your student understand and love math.


What other questions do I have?

Go LIVE with a Singapore Math specialist and homeschool mom of 3 to answer any lingering questions.

Ready to join in? 

My Homeschooling with Singapore Math 101 course is FREE when you sign up for any membership option from July 23-July 27. 

Class starts August 3rd!

Jessica Kaminski, M.Ed. is an educator and homeschool mom of 3 fabulous kids.  After teaching in the public school system for 7 years, she became a Singapore math consultant training teachers and parents all over the country in math best practices.  She is currently the author of Math in Focus 2020 Third Grade Teacher's Edition and Primary Mathematics 2021 2nd-5th Grade Teacher's Editions and Homeschool Editions.  She desires to help families to provide a strong math education for their children.



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