The Problem with Word Problems 

Learn how to use concrete and pictorial representations to model the context of word problems.  Tie mathematical understanding with research-based reading strategies to help your students comprehend any word problem.

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online learning at your own pace

Use the Canvas Learning Management System to work through 3 modules at your own pace.  Work directly with me as your instructor and meet several other participants.  Work at your own pace and have lifetime access to all content while earning 5 hours of professional learning credit. 

Not just math

Math modeling and comprehension

When students understand the problem, they are more likely to solve correctly.  This course looks at modeling problems through action in Grades K-1 and using bar models for grades 2-8.  Then, reading comprehension strategies are taught to help students not just understand the math, but truly comprehend what's being read. 

Across grade levels

Addresses Kindergarten-8th grade

This course is a progression course.  It spans several grade levels to help educators learn about multiple levels of content.  This helps any educator differentiate content and meet the needs of various learners.  It also assists educators to understand the ways concepts are developed to aid in the presentation of concepts.


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Earn professional development at your own pace while working from home in your PJs!

  • See how to implement with any student with hours of student video

  • Work any problem with over 180 working problems to help you become an expert

  • Address reading issues with 9 research-based strategies to help your student actually comprehend the word problem

  • Practically implement with 12 teaching moves

  • Begin right away with 30 pages of written lesson plans

  • Customized to fit your unique needs: Common Core, Non-Common Core, Math in Focus 2020 and Math in Focus 2015

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Course opens Monday, April 13

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